The main purpose of the Consortium activity is cooperation, combination of informational, staff and financial resources to achieve a scientifically grounded social effect in academic mobility, research, technological developments and innovations, improvement and enhancement of the quality of training of specialists with higher education, development of joint educational programs, enhancement of joint research and educational infrastructure, implementation of innovative projects based on the integration of scientific, educational, innovative and technological potential of the Consortium Members, improvement of competitiveness on the national and international scale.


The joint activity is an integral part of the Consortium Members’ activity, which ensures the fulfillment of their statutory tasks in order to integrate education and science as well as to implement the main directions of the cooperation of the Members in the form of specific joint projects, programs and activities that conform to the interests of the Members and aims of creating the Consortium. While carrying out the joint activity, the Consortium Members are governed by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, acts of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, this Provision, their own statutes and the Agreement on establishing Kharkiv University Consortium.

Areas of activity:

— International, national and regional communicative activities;

— Implementation of projects with support from international organizations;

— Communicative activities aimed at improving the quality of educational services;

— Implementation of joint projects with the Consortium Partners;

— Cultural and educational projects;

— Presentation events.


Purpose, Main Tasks and Principles of the Consortium Activity


Development of fundamental research in various sciences with their further usage aimed at developing priority directions of science and technology, social development and reconstructing the country economy. Implementation of applied research and elaborations for their effective usage and development of scientific potential, attraction of extra funds to solve social and other tasks of the social development.


Introduction of organizational and economic support mechanisms of the existing ones, establishment and financing of new research schools.


Implementation of measures to support young scientists’ and talented students’ research, to attract them to scientific schools; a comprehensive development of creative potential of the Consortium Members faculty.


Lobbying at the level of the central and the local authorities of the regional level and the supreme bodies of the state government of Ukraine in order to introduce the newest achievements of the scientific and technological progress into the practice of the economic activity.


Development of new, progressive forms of the scientific and technical cooperation with foreign and national centers of the academic and sectoral science in order to jointly solve the pressing scientific and technological tasks, to create high technologies and to increase the usage of research developments of the Consortium Members in industry and social sphere.


Development of innovations to create science intensive scientific and technical products and competitive samples of new equipment and materials which are oriented to the high-tech market.


Protection of intellectual property and copyrights of researchers as the basis of strengthening and development of science, the entry into the world market of high-tech products.


Conduction of the market investigation of the supply and demand of scientific services, patent and licensing work, carrying out of marketing, information maintenance and transfer of scientific and technical products according to the global standards.


Upgrading and updating of experimental and production base of the Consortium Members and its effective usage to realize the joint interests.


Formation of the Consortium image as a global participant of innovative projects realization based on the integration of scientific, educational, innovative and technological potential of the Consortium Members.