20 November

New Exhibition Hall in the Museum of Archeology: Grand Opening

V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University has held a grand opening of the new exhibition hall in the Museum of Archeology, a unique ground for historical science in Ukraine.

“For 211 years in a row, the University has been preserving and enriching the classical education traditions, since a real classical university is not only studies and scientific research, it is also a high culture, treasures of spiritual life, and Karazin University has always been distinguished by this. And today we are opening a new renovated Museum of Archeology that has been collecting ancient historical objects since 1807,” University President Vil Bakirov greeted the guests of the occasion.

Representatives of Kharkiv Regional State Administration came to congratulate the University community on the Museum’s opening. The Head of the Department of Science and Education, Anatolii Babichev, noted that that event was remarkable for the whole region and the Museum would become a landmark not only of the University but of Kharkiv as well. The Head of the Department of Culture and Travel Business, Oleh Yatsyna, stated that Kharkiv region is one of the leaders in developing both science and culture, and the today’s event was another evidence of Karazin University’s leadership in Ukrainian educational sphere.

“I was at the excavation site and it is incredibly interesting to observe: archeologists raise our history from the depth millimeter by millimeter. In such a way, we will reach the surface, recreate our history and honour the memory of outstanding people,” the famous conductor, the Head of the Kharkiv Philharmonia, Yurii Yanko, pointed out recollecting Mykola Lysenko who was a student of the University.

On solemnly cutting the ribbon, Vil Bakirov and Serhii Posokhov opened the renovated Museum. Wall panel pictures and art paintings, efficiently lighted showcases with interesting exhibits, built into the floor discoveries and contemporary equipment — all this is only a small part of this establishment which can be justly called a masterpiece of the contemporary museum art.

The Dean of the School of History, Serhii Posokhov, emphasized that the generations of archeologists had been waiting for this Museum’s opening. Mr. Posokhov also made a presentation, an original album that told the history of creating the collection started with the room of antiquities that later became the Museum of Fine Arts and Antiquities. The guests got acquainted with the photos from excavation sites and personalities who headed the expeditions, representatives of the world-wide famous archeologists school. Olena Fondorko, the project architect, mentioned that such an establishment would become a bridge from past to future.

Representatives of the leading educational institutions of Ukraine visited the opening ceremony: the Head of the Department of Antique Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Alla Buiskykh, the Deputy Director of Kharkiv Historical Museum, Olha Soshnikova, representatives of the National Preserve Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne and the Institute of Ceramology — a Department of the Institute of Ethnology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, as well as the presidents of Kharkiv higher educational institutions: Kharkiv National Medical University — Volodymyr Lisovyi, O. M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv — Volodymyr Babaiev, People’s Ukrainian Academy — Kateryna Astakhova, Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs — Valerii Sokurenko.

The colleagues marked the world recognition of the University that stood at the origins of high school in Kharkiv region, became city-forming for Kharkiv and, two centuries later, remains a leader in its sphere. As Mr. Babaiev has neatly noticed that now it is popular to speak about business universities which teach how to make money and forget about the most important thing — about spiritual development, but it is one of the constant priorities for Karazin University. The guests of honour thanked for such an unforgettable festive opening of a museum institutions of the European level, thanked everybody who preserves the past for the sake of the future and wished them grateful visitors.

Iryna Shramko, the Head of the Museum of Archeology, told that the Museum is not only an exhibition hall but also great funds counting about 200,000 items and, moreover, a library and a golden storehouse which would comprise precious metal wares and precious stones.

The Museum doors are open for everyone. You can come here to look at the permanent exhibitions and temporary expositions dedicated to some historical dates, events, excavations, watch interesting scientific films, or consult a specialist. The University is pleased to invite you!